it's great to have you here.

My name is Quinn Divens, and I am a writer and editor based in Boston. 

This spring, I graduated with my MA in art history. Over the past two years, I have worked to share the stories of women artists, hone my teaching skills, and develop a critical lens for viewing key issues at stake in museums, academia, and the arts.

While completing my graduate work, I worked as a research intern for European paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and then moved to join the team at the fast-growing art advisory and startup, TurningArt.

After two years spent in the close study of paintings, I  have developed an ability to think critically at a quick pace - I have a knack for considering all sides of a problem and creating actionable solutions. My success as a graduate student also relied on my ability to work well both independently and collaboratively - setting my own schedule for completing major projects while working with a teaching team to execute a high-quality course experience as a graduate teaching assistant. What's more, I leave my degree with keen attention to detail and a renewed commitment to the art of storytelling.

Entering into a changing job market amidst significant layoffs and overdue reckonings in leading arts and culture institutions has allowed me to reflect on the way that I want to use my degree moving forward. At present, I am delighted to serve on the inaugural editorial board of the CMSMC (Coalition of Master's Scholars on Material Culture), a game-changing group of recent master's scholars and emerging professionals working to share the voices of fellow early-career writers striving to tell complicated, thoughtful stories of objects, institutions, makers, and collectors. As a member of the CMSMC team, I get to do what I love best: provide an attentive, creative editorial perspective on pieces of writing that challenge traditional, often exclusive, historical narratives.

So, what's next? On this site, you can find me doing more of what I love: sharing stories of art and writing on the small, beautiful fascinations of everyday life (coming soon!).


Thank you for stopping by - let's get to know each other and see what great things might come of it.